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The story of my 94.....


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December 7, 2004
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Ludlow Vermont
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(1994 XLT) 00 RangerXLT
Hello everyone in explorer land...

I figured this was the best place to put this thread. I wanted to take the time to share the story of my Favorite vehicle ever owned. My 1994 Ford Explorer XLT.....

So here I was, a young lad. Still ripe with youth in my early 20's. I had seen the movie Jurassic Park about 100 times, and still couldn't get over the love I had to have me one of those first Gen Explorers. The small versatility of the SUV just seem too cool, and too useful for what I had in mind. A vehicle with 4 wheel drive, small enough and able enough to hit the trails, get through small spots and carry lots of crap if needed.

Traveling around the neighborhood, as I did many times, passing up opportunities for one after another, I drove by my local dealership and what did I see?? YUP, you guess it. There she sat. Looking all sexy as ever. Her blistering bright maroon color sparkled in the early morning light. I was in love.

So I stopped in and play a little Q&A with the salesman. After some thinking, some banking, I returned and for the low low price of $2000 he tossed me the keys and I drove her off the lot... and the fun began!

The days that followed led me up some rough terrian. I hit the local class 4 even 5 roads.. Didn't do too bad. But I had a dream. The girl wanted to climb higher!!! After some time and more money saved, we put in a 3" body lift and threw on some 33" Sport Kings on some chrome modular rims. She looked good, but, not good enough. We upgraded to some Rancho's and even a nice big buff looking brush guard. I put on a roof rack/ basket and enough fog lights to make mamma proud. She was ready...

I climbed the Electric company trails, up over rocks, down steep terrians and even pulled out my buddys jeep where unfortunately he couldn't make it through- and don't get me wrong I'm not knocking jeeps.

Time went on, and about 2 years later, she broke down. With about 140000 miles, the tranny went. She was laid up for about 3 months until we got the next one in. BUt after that- it was back on the road.

At the time I had a 1999 Buick Regal which soon developed too many little problems which I had no time or patience to put up with, so I traded it for my Ranger- which I have now. I am sad to say that in order to get some extra cash for the truck, I sold the explorer :( I should have never done it!!!

So.... as sad as I was, I still managed to live my days with the Ranger. I had pulled some parts off the explorer before I sold her, but still *sigh* I missed her but had dreams of one day getting another- and still do.

One day traveling down the road I came upon a maroon explorer.... looked pretty familiar from a distance. As I got closer I surely recognized the beauty!!!! It was her!!! aaaahhh, still cruising down the road...

I pulled into the left lane (double lane highway) and started to pull up beside her.... and I was totally shocked!!! No no, I wasn't shocked because there was some gorgeous woman in the drivers seat... no no, I wasn't due to the modifications...well, if you want to call them modifications....

I was shocked because what I saw almost led me to tears.... The entire drivers side was all stoved in!! The front fender- smushed in!!! The door- dented and duct taped!!! Teh front headlight and parking light GONE... grill....aahh, none. The rims were completely rusted!!! and.... some stinking little punk wanker white thug gangsta wanna be with his hat crooked pumping out rap music was behind the wheel!!!

DISAPPOINTING!!! All those miles we went. The tails we hit!!! The memories shared!!! And look at what I did- put her in the hands of an ungrateful amatuer!! *sniff sniff*

Well to make the story worse... I was kicking around my local town again, and ran into the girlfriend of this dude, who just so happened to know me and know what explorer I was talking about... yea, her boyfriends. She told me that he had gotten drunk and got in an accident! But not only that- several months after my sighting- she was totaled. He had been driving down a dirt road up her in Vermont, had been going a bit too fast- off the road and into some trees. Found bottom side up by the local cops- which happend to be my cooworkers!! The dude's license was under suspension too! :-S

If I could have found the junkyard she was brought to I would have payed homage to my old ex. Candle light Vigil!!! Animal sacrifices!!! .... okay okay okay....

So anyway... that is the life of my 1994 Ex. What a beauty- God rest her. I will always remember her and have a special place in my heart for her. Here's to her :chug:

Thanks for reading. Hope some of you got some entertainment out of this.. heh heh. BE well all!!!

Lesson to be learned!! Take care of your explorer.... dont sell it!!!

That's a sad tale... it is always hard to take the death of a car you have loved. I was crushed with guilt when I wrecked my 95 F-150 EB in '05, and I still feel like I have a debt to pay (restoration).