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The story of one swap, or how I change my 2007 Explorer to 4.6


February 25, 2019
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2007 Explorer 4wd Limited
Hey comrades!

This post is not a call to action, an advertisement or an attempt to violate the laws of any country. Everything that you decide to do inspired by this post, you do at your own peril and risk.

I'll start my story with a little background.
This idea of a possible swap of my Ford Explorer 4 2007 Limited with a 4.0 engine and the notorious 5R55S gearbox came to me about 2 years ago. At first, everything looked like a minute "Wishlist", but every day thoughts all gathered into a single puzzle.
I began to study this process, but what was my surprise when it turned out that "this is not accepted" and it is easier to sell one and buy another. There were a lot of comments that it won’t sit ... it won’t start .... you will have to change almost the entire car .... adaptation of the modules will not work .... lost options..etc.

And yes, there was a certain type of people who stubbornly insisted that it was necessary to put Toyoya's UZ engine in Ford. They say Toyota's heart is the best in the world and you will be happy. o_O But I am a big opponent of cars with components from completely different brands. Yes, there are some cases in which I support this option, but Ford Explorer with UZ engine will no longer be Ford Explorer.
Most of the comments were from people who, in principle, have never done such things and probably never will. This is what distinguishes a car owner from a car enthusiast. This whole alignment didn’t suit me very much and I started calculating the budget and studying what the difference is between two absolutely identical outwardly cars but so different inside.

If you suddenly have something in mind, if you like your idea, in no case do not listen to anyone! Go and do what you want! It is better to do and get a useful experience than to regret it later!
So, after a long study of the Microcat catalog, it turned out that the attachment points of the units for both versions of the Ford Explorer are the same! Surprising huh? Moreover, the engine and automatic transmission mounts also turned out to be the same for some reason, and not as "experts" told me ..... already more interesting ..... the driveshafts are also the same ..... but it can’t be. :D Well the flight of the idea was unstoppable! Thus, almost the entire aggregate part of both Ford Explorer 4 was verified within the one 2007 year.
The list turned out to be not sour, but far from being the same as the "experts" prophesied. Here I must add that in the end, in fact, the list was supplemented with 3 positions that I did not take into due to my own stupidity, or maybe because by the time I ordered the 4.6 swap kit my head was already pretty full of information.

"Donor" that I got was 2006 Eddie Bauer. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find what you want ideally. It should be borne in mind that the duration of the search directly affects the financial side of the project. Prices, as you all know, do not tend to fall, and for 2 months of searching, the cost of a whale increased by 10%.

So, here's what you still need from the "donor" to make the same car out of the Ford Explorer 4 4.0 2006-2010 in the Limited configuration, but "like from the factory" mowing under 4.6:
1. 4.6 engine with all accessories (manifold, all sensors, intake manifold, generator, power steering pump, air conditioning pump, all vacuum hoses on the engine and hoses for power steering / cooling / condenser - under the hood) - some hoses (power steering cooling, part of the air conditioning hoses etc) are the same for 4.0 and 4.6 - but it's better to have the whole set in hands. Engine mounts are the same for 4.0 and 4.6. Engine mounting pads are different and not interchangeable!
2. Engine control unit ( PCM / ECU) - The unit must be from the same configuration or higher - if you do not want to lose some of the options.
3. Engine wiring + Alternator/starter wiring + under the hood main wiring with Battery Junction Box + wiring from Transfer Case to it's control unit (if the donor is 06 and you have 07 and above) - the ideal solution would be to find a donor 1: 1 per year as a patient. Difference in years = difference in wiring connectors, number of wires, etc.
4. 6r60 / 6r80 transmission + shift cable + transmission cooling pipes to the cooling radiator + starter + Shift selector - shift selectors differ in numbers and codes (5p base and 6p base), but I did not find differences in wiring and modules installed on the selectors . Rearranged wiring from the donor selector and left my own base. The shift cable seems to be the same, but upon closer examination, a different distance was found from the cable attachment bracket on transmission to the selector lever on the transmission (!) So the cable was replaced.
5. Transfer case + transfer case control unit - no comments here. Transmission mounts is the same.
6. Dashboard or Instrument Cluster - if you don't want to bother with rewriting IC and rewriting keys.
7. Ignition lock cylinder and key - this is if you don’t want to mess around with rewriting IC and rewriting keys.
8. Air filter box and corrugation to the intake manifold - the corrugation and the boxes are different, this can be seen even from the photo of the engine compartment.
9. Radiator shroud - definitely the shroud is different for 4.0 and 4.6.
10. Catalic converters with O2 sensors (from exhaust manifolds) - pipes are different, pipe diameter and flanges are larger on 4.6. All 4 O2 are the same on 4.0 and 4.6.
11.Smart Junction Box / GEM Module - must be replaced due to the different logic of the units 4.6 and 4.0.
12. Light switching module / dimmer - needed if there are differences in lighting options (for example: fog lights, auto lights, etc.).

And most importantly: To avoid additional problems, everything listed above must be from ONE CAR, and not collected from different cars, years and configurations.

I received this swap kit in December 2022 and "while it's hot" scheduled work for the beginning of January 2023. Great time, I'll tell you. Everyone is sleeping, moving away from the holidays. There is no fuss at work. You can do it calmly and not rush anywhere.

Since I did 99% of the work myself "in one pair of hands". It took me 6 days to disassemble and assemble (from 9 am to 9 pm). It took another 9 days to revive the "dead man", understand where I made a mistake, what was missing, understand the whole logic of work and replace the missing details.
Fortunately, the list above already contains everything that may be required.

Also the following parts and technical fluids were purchased:
1. Motorcraft 5w20 engine oil
2. Motorcraft Mercon SP transmission fluid
3. Antifreeze Ravenol G11
4. Spark plugs Motorcraft SP547
5. Air filter Motorcraft FA1780
6. Motorcraft FT160 automatic transmission filter
7. Belt ACDELCO 6K1025
8. ACDELCO 16059

Swap is fully completed. The car moves freely around the city (without errors in the modules). 99% of the options work properly! I didn't lose any important options, except perhaps "rear fog lights" which were replaced by front fog lights. but you know that this is a small problem and it is easy to install them separately. It remains only to make my 3.73 differencials work with a new config. But the direction is already clear and work is underway.

Added some pics of the process.

p.s. samurai has no goal, only a path...:p
p.s.s. If the moderators decide to highlight this topic I will be damn pleased ;)

3F0AF73D-6BE3-4F63-92CA-E65B80D51513.JPG 805FACC2-6582-45C6-B8E9-15B50650AB25.JPG 85689DCE-1667-4D23-9F9D-1B78AD063D89.JPG 28128403-13CC-43F6-B4D2-F1B8330FE9FA.JPG в салоне.jpeg B76FF188-DCAC-4FEF-85DA-760BC6C5180E.JPG camphoto-1903590565.JPG

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I was fully expecting to see a Toyota engine in the bay after reading how to swap a 4.6 in. Great work!

I was fully expecting to see a Toyota engine in the bay after reading how to swap a 4.6 in. Great work!
Thanks man!
Sorry but it's boring Ford Modular v8 :D and not best in the world UZ )))))))))))

It’s not magic they use the same stuff. It’s purely a cost and assembly saving measure.

nice swap man!!!!! for reliability 22re would be great in here, or a 22ret, but im pretty sure it wouldnt get off the line ever ;)