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The Synthetic Warehouse pricing


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April 18, 2002
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Hello! I am the AMSOIL sponsor for this forum. I just wanted to say thank you for all your orders and catalog requests over the year and as I am increasing my direct order prices, I will keep the prices I sell to explorer forum members the same.

If you should order or ask for a catalog be sure to mention where you saw this post and I'll send the price list I made for related items.

As things have been slow, for the entire month of June I will be selling the AMSOIL ATF at cost to generate sales and overall knowledge of AMSOIL products.

The AMSOIL ATF is universal, was the first synthetic automatic transmission fluid and saves you money!

AMSOIL ATF lowers temperatures 20 to 50 degrees F.
AMSOIL ATF lasts up to 5 times longer or at least up to 90,000 miles in most conditions. It's one of our most regarded products and I get testimonials such as under load on a incline the driver's foot is not in the pedal as much as it was when conventional fluid was used.

AMSOIL ATF keeps friction surfaces clean (like water on wet sandpaper) and carbon free. It also protects seals and valves and prevents leaks. AMSOIL ATF used in several transmissions such as EATON actually extends warranties! It's that good.

This month, one 2.5 gallon bottle is $55.25 and two of these will cost $105.20.

If you own a business it's possible to buy for even less with our commercial or retail account packages.

See featured item at

Thank you!