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The vapor canister 1993 explorer


February 28, 2009
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Valencia, España
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explorer xlt '93
Hello friends ...

my question is whether the Vapor Canister
1993 Explorer must be changed or can be completed entirely in some way?

thank you very much

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You don't have to change it unless it's clogged up or there is a strong gas smell.

But there isn't any way to just open it up and replace the element in there, at least not to make it worth your while compared to buying a new one.

Hello Anime

Thank you for answering so fast, I ask because if there is strong smell of gasoline and could be read that this


Is the gas smell coming from the engine / front of the vehicle, or the rear near the gas tank?

You might check the top of the gas tank and the filler neck for any spots of fuel leakage, and the fuel lines and filter along the inside of the frame rail as well.

If it is a strong smell from where the canister is though, it might need to be replaced.

The canister purge solenoid on the first gens are prone to stick open (especially in warmer weather) and which results in a gas vapor odor from the front of the engine.

I have a quick look and smell is near where most of the deposit but have not seen any leaks when I have time ..... I put on coveralls and review all the installation
Thanks for the help