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The Wifes 98 V8 AWD XLT

Well on 13th of this month. (My b-day) I went and bought the woman a 98 V8 AWD XLT for $2700. She has been wanting a 4 door something for a while now. With with 2 kids both in car seats I can understand. As for mods the list will probably stay small. But any ways here is the plan of mods for it so far.

She likes the ranger wheels on my sport and hers needs tires soon so she will get the ranger wheels and my v8 sport will be getting some 18s put on it.
Remove roof rack
install later model bumper and color match it to the body
install side skirts/wheel lips and color match to the body
Cold air intake
electric fan
remote start
remove chrome grill and replaced with a color matched one

Well that is all I can think of for now.

Completed mods:
installed auto head lamp/ auto dim mirror and wiring harness

18's wouldn't really suit a second gen ex if you're going for a truck look.

Well they would be for my explorer and it is lowered.

nice explorer