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The X is home - but the bad luck continues


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February 28, 2002
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Well, the X is home, but still not 100% completed. I was supposed to pick up the X last Thursday when I got home from a trip. When I got there to get it, I found my bad luck was still upon me...

They finished my X on Wednesday. 3 hours later - a kid was backing a Rnager out of the shop and backed up straight into my passenger front door and fender. Funny that I have never wrecked my X and the first bent steel had to come from the shop painting it. Needless to say the kid was fired...

A new door and fender later, I picked it up Friday. I get home and find a crack in the front bumper on the driver side. After a phone call, I find out the X took a hard enough hit to push it into a 300lb welded steel table next to it on the drivers side bumper. They didn't know it cracked. So they get to fix that now. God I'm glad they gave me a lifetime warranty...

Anyway - enjoy what it looks like now:








The new wheels are on, but I'm having adapter spacers made from H&R to make them look right in the back (space them out some). The front needed a 1/4" spacer to get the center caps to snap on, so I got hub centric spacers on there for now. I didn't order the adapter spacers for the front yet, but I think I'll be getting 1" for them. I just don't like plate spacers.

I ordered new carpet for the interior, so when that gets here everything comes out inside. I'll have the door panels reupholstered in suede along with the headliner and sunvisors. I've got the light gray interior, but I'm going with a charcoal gray carpet and suede. It should add a little bit of contrast. I'll fiberglass the new console then also.

Hopefully this will be done by early spring. Just depends on how much I have to go out of town for work.

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*****en my friend. You'd better show up to the cruises this year!

WOW holy crap that is so bad ass....
Drooool :eek:
Id kill that shop I cant belive there dumb ***** :fire:
Best looking x ever.

looks real clean man. i like it. i cant believe they fired the guy who hit your X tho. ive done a couple things like that at the aircraft maintenance hangar i work at and i still work there haha.

Thanks guys! I should be in town more this summer Matt to make it to a few meets.

From what understand about the kid, this wasn't the first time he did something stupid. That and he just jumped in the Ranger, threw it in reverse, and hit the gas. Never saw a thing. Between doing something stupid and hitting a car they had just finished after having it for three months - it was a done deal for him.

Explorers are very small, they're easy to miss. You'd be surprised how many old people down here just don't ever see me.

Love the wing, looks great.

looks awesome david!

clean i like it, the rear bumper is original, i saw some of the unpainted pics and it looks a little more square on the edges now that its painted, maytbe its just he camera angle? but it looks good