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the xploder got bigger!


February 1, 2006
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edgewood NM
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'96 XLT
yay.. TT and an add-a-leaf. stole the tires/wheels off the XJ for fittament. looks decent.. gonna go order new meats for her today so i can get the XJ off blocks.

33 x 9.5 x 15's with no trimming.


i think shes a pretty fine girl for $1500 total so far...

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looks good... really doesn't take much to get some decent size tires under these things. what tires u going with? what size? 33x10.50" ? cuz if u could fit the 9.50's u should be able to fit the 10.50's and a wider tire would looks better imo.

actually gonna go to a 32 x 11.50 i think they'll fit reallll nice..

sceep said:
actually gonna go to a 32 x 11.50 i think they'll fit reallll nice..

it'll look good with that size. u keeping stock rims? u going with at's or mt's and what brand u looking at getting? did the 33's rub at all...?

the 33's have been on for 2 days, and have been up and down some crappy dirt roads and alot of pavement around the city. have not hit yet. they come damn close though. i'm 99% sure they will hit in the easiest of offroad situations. that being said.. this is a pavement pounder. i have 3 other rigs to go offroading it. lol

i've got the tire choices narrowed down to:
BFG TA/KM 32 X 11.50
BFG TA/KO 32 X 11.50
PRO COMP MT 32 x 11.50
SWAMPER LTB 31 x 11.50

all depends on what kind of pricing i can get this afternoon.

If this is a pavement pounder as you say, I would definitely go with the BFG AT. I couldn't believe the difference in ride just in changing them from my Dunlop Mud rovers.

u going for looks or practicallity? either way i'd go with bfg mt's. it is a great tire. great mileage and a great look. best of both worlds. or if mileage and all isn't a concern get the super swampers cuz they look awesome. i wouldn't even considere the bfg at's or the procomps mt's. i hated the bfg's when i had them (but that is from a offroad standpoint) and i know quite a few people who hated there procomp mt's cuz they suck in mud so bad. (don't like to clean out) more of a aggressive all terrain imo. just my 2 cents.

looks, and price more than anything.. but the swampers are pretty low on the list just for the insane lack of pavement durability.

Ive had LTB's on the road and they growl and are ruff until they warm up. I have the procomp mt now and its real quite for a mud terrain. Alittle hard though.

BFG AT are on my negative list at the moment but Ill probable get another set.

33x12.5s will rub for sure. Big difference going from a 9.5 wide tire to a 12.5 wide tire.

why not TT a little more then put on some shackels and try the 33x11.50 or a 33x10.50?

sceep said:
actually gonna go to a 32 x 11.50 i think they'll fit reallll nice..

he's going to stick with a 32x11.50... shouldn't have trouble fitting that

will post pics of the new pro-comp 32 x 1150 MT's in the morning :D