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Themostat Housing


March 23, 2010
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Toronto, Ontario
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2001 sport trac
So The Trucks Pissing Coolant And Blowin Steam Like A Coffie Pot, I Thought IT Was The Thermostat Ring, That Goes Around The Thermostat Itself....But Nope...When I Hit The Throttle.I Can See Where The Coolant is leaking....Its At The Back Of The Thermostat Housing Itself....It Was late And I Didnt Really get To Take it Apart So My Question Is....Is There Another Gasket In The Thermostat Housing? Or is it One Molded Unit? Cause I Want To Know If Its Just A Gasket I Am Replacing...Just To Clarify....I Am Not Talking About THe Triangle Shapped Part That has The Upper Rad Hose Attached To it....I Am Talking About The Housing Thats Mounted To The Motor And Has The Sensors Ontop And The Triange Piece Bolts To. :salute:

Likely the housing had let go. Looks like about $300 and an hour and a half according to the projects I've seen.