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Thermostat housing replacement


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July 22, 2011
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2002 sport trac 4X4
I am reassembling my thermostat housing and thermostat. The housing lower did the standard seam split . I am attempting to get the temp sensors clipped back into the housing. In order to squeeze the lower housing in place, I have to have to have the temp gauge sending unit and the computer temp sensor remove. Now I have to install them and clip them in. Are there any tricks to getting the clips installed after the sensors are in place? there is such limtted space to work there.:us:

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i cant help you there but ill give you a bump and a welcome to the club.

Finally figure it out. Had to install lower house bare and read "The Life Of Harry Hoodini" to minipulate the sensors into their mounts with the connectors already connected to the sensors. Tied a thread onto the clips to make it easy to find them after dropping them. and you will drop them. I am betting the ford engineers laugh in their sleep envisioning us durring the disassembly and reassembly of this thermostat housing.

Wow glad i didnt have to go that far! only had to do the thermostat but there was still very little room for that venture! and who the hell decided to make a high temp housing out of plastic. yeah yeah it was tested under high heat conditions but who cares its still destines to crack. I'm in Phoenix and consider myself lucky that it was only the gasket!