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Thermostat Housing/Sensors Question


July 7, 2010
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greenwood, in
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2005 Sport Trac XLT 4X2
I posted this on FTE but I thought I would ask here to:
I feel dumb asking this but here goes. I had the tstat housing changed due to leaking a year or more ago on my Sportrac in my Sig. I was dinking around last night as I had to change the pressure switch on the master cylinder to fix my cruise and noticed that the sensor on the thermostat housing on the drivers side was unpluged and I can not seem to find an open connector for it. Does anyone know what harness it comes off of? I have not got any warning lights and truck is running well.

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Don't feel dumb. I had to ask the same question a while back. There is no second connector. Odd they used that housing and placed 2 sensors in it, but only one of the sensors is actaully used. Hope this helps.

i believe due to the multiple platforms this motor is installed in. it is a thermostatic switch to control electric fans. like the ones found in mustangs.

Yep I come to the conclusion the shop put the two sensor top on it. No biggie expensive plug but what the heck.

Thanks for the replies guys

Interesting the OEM replacement shows the RH144 two sensor housing in every parts guide I've seen.

Coincidentally, Ford doesn't sell sensor o-rings separately. May be a way of selling an extra sensor. :mad: