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They are taking more land - How to get involved


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Getting Involved in Land Use and Access Issues

Please read and share this amongst the other Forums..Thanks

..It keeps happening and if you have read recently on the proposed "Public Land" closures in Moab, California, Nevada, or even places like Montana. Here is another article that may turn into a "Bill" that will allow, well...:popcorn:

On March 26th, the Senate voted and passed Amendment SA 838, which would allow the transfer of public federal land to states, who in return, could transfer and sell our public lands, National Forests, wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas to corporations and foreign interests.

..I reached out to a Friend, Del Albright, for his knowledge and input on how to help others get involved...No matter what State you live in, this will help you save your access to public lands if you just get involved..

"Are you looking for information on land use, conservation, closures, and/or getting involved in keeping our public lands open to public access?

Are you trying to figure out what clubs/groups you should join or support?"

"The Simple Formula

Get folks to join organized recreation; be an advocate for your sport; include others in what you do; write hand written letters to your elected officials and tell them what you believe in and expect of them; work on educating other users so they don't abuse our public lands; and donate to causes you believe in."

Follow these links for some great information on how to become involved..:D