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April 11, 2003
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1998 XLS 4x4
First get the RAP module with connectors located in the jack compartment, make sure you get one that is in your year bracket...91-94?, 95-97, 98-01...way in the panel in the back, keypad, hood switch: located on passenger side by washer bottle.

now for the wires, you have to run your own, no is where each wire goes...
this is for years 98-01, 95-97 maybe similar...
some wires you will have and some you will not...dont worry...

for the big connector on the rap module, 26 pin connector:

PIN 1: LIGHT GREEN: unlock driver's door: driver's door unlock relay, jack will not have this relay, you must run your own wires for this...

PIN 3: LIGHT BLUE/ WHITE: Data Link Connector: under the steering column, there is this little cover that you can pull off the panel...that is you DLC...

PIN 5: LIGHT BLUE/ YELLOW: keypad: 1/2 button

PIN 6: LILGHT GREEN/ RED: 3/4 button

PIN 7: YELLOW: keypad: 7/8 button

PIN 8: RED: keypad: 9/0 button

PIN 9: DARK GREEN/ PURPLE: door disarm: GEM module pin 17 off of the 26 pin connector

PIN 11: LIGHT BLUE/ WHITE: door ajar: GEM module pin 3 off of the 16 pin connector

PIN 12: BLACK/ PINK: reverse light

PIN 15: BROWN: keypad: common ground

PIN 17: DARK GREEN/ WHITE: ignition tamper switch input: dont worry, it is not used

PIN 19: YELLOW/ BLACK: keypad: 5/6 button

PIN 23: TAN/ LIGHT GREEN: hood switch

PIN 25: BLACK/ PINK: power: hot @ ignition: interior fuse panel pin 20...take off the fuse panel and find the wire behind wire off of pin 20...

PIN 26: LIGHT GREEN: brake pedal switch: switch is above the brake pedal.

now for the small connector...22 pin connector:

PIN 6: BROWN/ LIGHT GREEN: memory seat switch position wont have it unless you got a RAP module off of a lilmited...but you dont have memory seats anyways so forget it.

PIN 8: WHITE/ PURPLE: low beam/ park lamp is located in the relay module: look by your gas pedal now look behind the center dash right above the floor heater/ ac vacuum vavle will see a black relay box...take it down and there are 7 relays in there. if you look at it with the bigger relay on the left side which is your accessory delay relay...the park lamp relay is the second small relay on the bottom will see a white/ purple wire that comes out of pin 2...the numbers are on the relay itself...splice into that will also see that wire going to the headlamp relay and dimmer relay...this wire is for your auto lamps for your rear view mirror...if you dont have it, dont worry about this wire....

PIN 10: BROWN/ LIGHT GREEN: interior lights: GEM 9 off of the 16 pin connecotr

PIN 11: PINK/ LIGHT GREEN: unlock all doors: input/ can use the lock/ unlock button in the rear cargo...that switch is also a master lock/ unlock just like the 2 front ones...wire it to this so you dont have to run the wire all the way to the driver's door

PIN 12: WHITE/ LIGHT BLUE: power: hot @ all times...located at the interor fuse panel pin 9 on driver's side...take off the fuse box find the white/ light blue wire coming off of pin 9

PIN 14: BLACK/ WHITE: power ground...find the Data Link Connector under the dash, there is a little piece on the lower panel that you can take off...that is your DLC

PIN 16: DARK BLUE/ LIGHT GREEN: theft indicator LED: take off your instrument cluster gauges and find the dark blue/ light green wire...this is the wire to your theft light...

PIN 18: BLACK/ ORANGE: memory seat switch position 2...this wire will not be there unless you got your RAP module off of a limited...otherwise, you dont have memory seats so dont worry about this wire...

PIN 20: YELLOW/ LIGHT GREEN: horn: look under the dash and you will find a connector with 1 wire, that is a hot wire for your horn...apply a ground to it and your horn will sound...

PIN 22: PINK/ YELLOW: lock all doors input/ output: wire this up to the unlock/ lock button in the cargo area, this switch is the same as the ones in the you dont have to run this wire all the way to the door...

i dont think that sport models will have the pin 9 off of the 26 pin connector to the GEM module cuz that wire is for GEM functions only...and i think that sports have the CTM (central timer module)...i could be wrong...but if you have 3 connectors on the side and 1 on the of you GEM/ CTM....Then you are set to install a factory keyless entry...

anyways...any questions are welcomed and good luck...

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make sure this is in the usefull threads forum!

where is the RAP located in a sport?
this is some very usefull info! thanks.

the RAP is in the same place for the Sport as a 4 door, its in the rear jack compartment. Here is a pic posted by Robb of the RAP (its the gray box):

WoW, I wanna do this so I never get locked out again. :p

did you look all the way in there...cuz it goes pretty far wont able to see it if you just take off the gotta go down and look in the back...(meaning front)

when i had the whole quarter panel off i didnt see it.
i guess i dont have a RAP
remote anti-theft personality (RAP) module (vehicles built before 7/24/2000)
* central security module (vehicles built after 7/24/2000)*
but it shows the same picture for both on the cd manual.
and same location

when i search under the wiring, it says its behind dash panel, RH side

anyone know if this it? this is behind the glove compartment
(copy n paste in new window

that little white thing? i dought it would be that small...but I don't know did a search on component location...and it said it was behind the glove department? i would highly doubt it cuz i got a white box there i think that is something else...but yet, i dont got a i cant really tell you...95-01 are pretty much the same...just a few changes like the tail gate 95-97, 98-01, lamp warning outage module 95-97, 98-01, air ride control system 95-97, 98-01, auto dim/lamp rear view mirror 95-97 or 96, 97 or 98-01, stereo 95-97, 98-01, RAP modules 95-97, 98-01 (but in the same place), and EATC (electronic automatic temperature controller) 95-97, 98-01...

oh, i was thinking...that could be your anti-theft security module...that my friend is not a remote system...that is just a pretend alarm and the only thing is does is to blink the theft light every 30 seconds...that is why i got it too. cuz that is what i can just leave it alone...cuz the remote system will supercede it if you install the theft light will blink every 2-3 seconds instead of 30 seconds

ok i have my last set of questions: :D

can i hook this stuff up without a keypad or hood switch (ill prob hook them up later sometime)? also, is this RAP an alarm system too?


yea, you can...mine still unlocks and locks with the hood up...i dont have my keypad hooked up yet cuz i am waitting until i get to Vegas...