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this would work better right?


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June 5, 2001
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04 Civic LX
currently i have a pioneer headunit, pushing my audiobahn doorspeakers, and i have some pionner tweeters ran off a 100watt pionner amp. however, one of the channels on my headunit went i have 2 speakers hooked to one channel.

is take the 2 tweeters and hook them up to the headunit, they have inline crossovers. and hook my 4 door speakers up to my 100watt pionner amp. which is 2 channel by the way, so it'd be a 4ohm load? give me 40watts per channel about

i just think that thats probably more the door speakers are getting off the headunit

can anyone tell me if this is a good idea or not based on my situation


well if one of your channels went out, you've got a two ohm load on your headunit if you have two speakers hooked up to one channel. Car speakers are 4 ohms, while house speakers are usually 8 ohm. I'd get the headunit repaired cause that isn't good for your headunit. As for the amp to the speakers, that would sound better, but you will be running a 2 ohm load on the amp so make sure it is 2 ohm stereo stable. You won't be able to fade the sound to the rear or front which sucks. Yes your headunit only puts out around 20 watts RMS. As for the tweeters you may find you don't need them with the extra power, but I would run them off the headunit if you decide to use them. Another option is you could amp the front speakers off one channel of the amp, and use the other channel to amp the tweeters.