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Those who have done SOHC to 5.0 swap


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July 11, 2006
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99 XLS
I have a 97 5.0 that is a rust bucket. I bought a 99 sohc that wsa in great shape with a bad motor. I lifted it 6 inches and put some 33x12.50s on it. I finally put the engine in the other day and have started with the wiring. I'm no newbie to swaps as I have installed chevrolet LS1 motors in both mazda rx7s and a BMW. I had read some other peoples "swap pages" which were poorly documented but seemed like an easy plug and play swap. I found out quick that alot changed between the 97 and 99. The underhood hanresses are totally different. even though the main plug off the ECU will plug into the harness going to the body, they are wired differently and in one spot would put a 12v hot straight to ground. So I figured I could use the entire underhood wire harness from the 97 in the 99. I removed it and found out that the 99 has a different ABS pump with a different connector on it so i would have to use the 97 ABS pump and change all the brake lines as the lines have different fittings on it. Now I'm concered that the 3 large plugs going into the truck(under the brake booster) may be wired differently as well. Is this normal and no one has written about it or am I just screwed here?

Are there any well documented 4.0-5.0 swap threads on here that I overlooked?

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there were some major changes made in 98. electrical and fuel, as well as your 99 has pats, where the 97 wont. most times its better if you have a donor truck the same year as the one your putting into. you will also need to change other items as well.

I believe 99 is also a returnless fuel system. Best bet honestly is to just do a body swap and transfer the ignition and pats system to the new body.

Great... the fuel system is no big deal to me. What if I get an engine wiring harness off of a newer 5.0L? Did the 98 have the newer wiring or was 99 the first year?

the wiring harness from a 98 should be used, as well as the pcm, pats module and ignition switch set ( with keys) all from the same truck. The pcm, ignition and pats have to be a matching "set" from the same truck. You might also need the transmission harness, alternator harness and ac lines--

You also might need a GEM module from a 98 v8 --

what are you using for a transfer case?

Click the 98 explorer link in my sig , you will see I am in the same boat as you

5.0 swap questions

I'm at a bit of a dead end trying to swap my 97 5.0 into my 99 sohc. I already installed my body lift on the sohc and my 33" tires. well the plans have changed. I'm going to swap the lifts and tires over to my daily driver which is a 99 4.0 ohv. My question is, in the future I still plan on doing a 5.0 swap but now into my ohv truck. If I find a wrecked 99 5.0 truck will everything swap right over int the ohv like it does with the sohc? is the 99 5.0 a returnless fuel system? Also, is 98 the new style wiring or the last year of the older style(like my 97)?


kind of, now I asking about the ohv as well =)