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Though Ford Fixed Radiator Issue!!


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April 27, 2008
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Well obviously they didn't. My 2008 V6 will less than 60K is leaking. I cannot believe what a piece of junk this truck is turning out to be!! So far

1) Replaced AC check valve...twice and it needs it again.
2) New ignition switch (TSB)
3) Solenoid body in the transmission. (57k)
4) Just started leaking water from map light buttons (started last week)
5) Thermostat went bad (59k)
6) Radiator now leaking (59k).

So far everything has been replaced under warrenty, but the radiator is not covered under the powertrain warrenty. I am really starting to hate this truck with a passion!! My 2000 Explorer gave me far less trouble. I just bough a new 2013 Escape and I hope I have better luck than with this POS. I bleed Ford blue, but this truck is making me want a transfusion!!

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Where did you get the information, that the radiator issue has been fixed by Ford? ;)

Thought I read it here, but may be mistaken. I thought that it was mainly the 2006's that had the issue.

I've been reading and reading about it too. I still don't think there's a true fix for it, because there isn't a solid culprit. The theories I've read about are:

  • Retaining bracket too constraining, which distorts aluminum to plastic connection.
  • Too high pressure due to programming error and/or wrong thermostat.
  • Electrolysis causing premature corrosion inside radiator.

Without knowing the cause, there is no solid solution. I can't believe an aftermarket outfit hasn't figured it out. I can't believe anybody would try and make a radiator out of plastic! WTF?

And, lastly, I can't get an answer as to whether the transmission cooler connections can be easily swapped from a failed 2006 radiator to a newer version?

Can you pin point the location of the leak? On the 06 models (v6 only) all the leakings were from the same place (srry dont remember off hand search the long post about it i believe there are pics in it)



I had my rad replaced in my 2006 about 3 years ago and noticed the other day that its leaking again. But this time the coolant is dripping down through the holes in the front frame cross member, which is odd. I am assuming its leaking from the thermostat housing now.