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Thoughts on Runway Enduro HT's? 235-70r16

So i found a local guy selling some Runway Enduro HT's for $400 on some stock Suzuki XL-7 rims. in the picture, it looks to be stock explorer sport/xls rims kind of, but he confirmed theyre off an XL-7 and they ahve a 5x112 bold pattern. i talked him down to 300 for just the rubber, he said there are maybe 700 miles on them.

do you guys think it's worth it? i need new tires anyway and they're about 100 a piece new



Not best deal, but doesn't sound awful to me. I don't have much experience with tires, but average I've seen is about $100 a pop like you said. So, for 4 tires for $300 with less than 1k miles, I don't think its TOO bad, but personally, for the extra $100, I'd rather get brand new tires. That could be because I've never hear of Runway tires though.

By the time you get the old was taken off, the new ones mounted and balanced you're going to have over 400 into them. If you call every tire shop in your area I'm betting you can find someone with a sale or special to get 4 new ones put on for that price.