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Throttle body cleaning?


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December 19, 2010
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north vernon,in
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04 xlt
Got a 04 Explorer XLT 4.0 4wd.
How is the best way to clean the throttle body?
Or can I just buy something and run through the tank?
I am having trouble with rough idling. Gonna take it to the
Ford dealer and get it reprogrammed for that. But also want
to clean the throttle body first.

Remove the intake hose from the throttle body,and remove tb gasket then spray the throttle body cleaner onto cotton tips(ear cleaners), gently wipe away accumulated gunk, keep going until clean try not to lose cotton tip down the tb-that would be bad.

Check out the throttle body gasket mod to remove the lag when you accelerate

i used a rag on my intake and just moved the valve and used a screw driver and a bunched up rag with the straw attachment on my throttle body and it cleaned up real good mine had 178 thousand miles and it looked like new when cleaned and removed my rough idle, it will start realy hard tho then after it does start let it idle turn burn the cleaner thru.

Also with cleaning the TB, you may end up getting a whistle from it. I beleive there's some coating on there and sometimes you take that off...I know the 06+ people have problems with that. I know that my Ex whistled since I cleaned the TB.

With a rough idle...check your air filter (replace if necessary), clean the MAF sensor, and clean the electrical connections at the TB. Also run some sea foam or 44K gold through it.