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Throttle cable mod


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April 17, 2004
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'93 2-door
I just finished cleaning off my MAF, and it was a noticable difference so I figure why not do a bit more tuning up while I am at it. I am going to replace my plugs (my current ones have a gap of 60 thou) and wires, and I want to do the throttle cable mod. The throttle cable seems pretty straight forward, but when I was searching, the kick-down cable seemed to come up alot. Where exactly is this, and what does it do? and do I need to add zip ties to it as well? (I read somewhere that it is made so that you can adjust it w/o using the 'zip-tie' method??)

Thx in advance,

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the kickdown cable is right beside the throttle cable. If you dont space the throttle cable to much you wont need to adjust the kickdown.

How I wish Redrig would show me some more Michele :D

Garth said:
How I wish Redrig would show me some more Michele :D

Wish granted!! just tell me where you want them.

How about right here since this thread is done already or maybe my email at If you want to share with community you can place them on the everthing under the sun thread (if you can find it) I am sure those guys wont mind. :thumbsup: