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throttle cable question


August 14, 2003
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'91 XLT
when doing tha throttle cable mod with tha zip ties does this affect the tranny kick down cable. i did this mod and ended up using two zip ties. it seems that the tranny doesn't shift down , but i have kinda been having tranny probs anyway. was just wondering if any body has info on this

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2nd Generations do not need adjustment on the tranny kick down cable. I think the 1st Generations do, not 100% sure.

sorry bout this but ive got a stupid question what is tha difference between 1st and 2nd generation i have a 91 xlt

1st. generation refers to a '91-'94 model
2nd. generation refers to a '95-'01 model
3rd. would be '02 and newer

Originally posted by X~FACTOR
2nd Generations do not need adjustment on the tranny kick down cable. I think the 1st Generations do, not 100% sure.
2nd gens dont have a kickdown cable.

Well, that explains the no adjustments needed on the 2nd Gen. :D

so since i have a 91 i do need to adjust tha tranny cable

hey buddy.

i had the same problem as you.

the cables must stretch out or something over time. the kickdiwn cable id the one right nest to the throttle cable, on the top of the pedal lever. i wound up putting two zipties on my throttle cable, so it was tight all the way up, and the butterfly opening all the way up. i had no kickdown when i did that.

when i looked at it again, i started messing with the kickdown cable. i noticed that there is a point where it activates, and it is probably within 1/4 inch of its full extension. i discovered this by pulling on it. with the zipties on my throttle, the pedal was stopping before it got to the point on the kickdown where it opened up. so, what i did was tighten my throttle, but disable my kickdown.

so, in order to fix it, i put one ziptie around the kickdown cable in the same fashion as the ones around the throttle cable. it works perfect now.

i'll bet all you have to do is the same thing.
let me know if this works out for you.

yup tried it today it worked like a charm thanxs