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Throttle cable Sticking?


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February 1, 2004
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stockton, california
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94 xlt
i installed the bbk tb and now i am noticing that what seems to be my throttle cable sticking....... when i am accelerating i will take my foot of the gas ans it will still be going fine! but if i were to tap the pedal then it would slow down normally. does this sound like a throttle cable issue?

did ya check the butterfly before installation. If you didnt have problems before you installed it i would check the throttle body and the linkage hook up just to make sure..

i checked everything on the tb. the butterfly opened and shut just as it should. umm where to start on the linkage???

maybee even disconnect it from the throttle body and move it back and forth see if it is then.. how about your tps is it installed correct maybee a vacuum line or something else is rubbin on the linkage right at the throttle body..