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Throttle Issue (Need Help!)


July 26, 2013
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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2002 Ford Explorer 4.6 V8
(This question is resolved. This post has some symptoms while the answer to the problem is below.)

Hello All,

I have a 2002 Explorer XLT 4.6L V8. I have recently had some idle issues that I have been trying to work out. Originally, I my idle was jumping all over the place at stops (to the point of almost dying up to 1500 RPMs), I tried to clean the IAC valve and the MAF (which wasn't dirty) using the throttle body and mass airflow sensor cleaner respectively, but it was pretty bad so I ended up buying a IAC and that fixed the issue. Shortly after that, I decided I probably better clean out the throttle body, as it seemed quite dirty too. I cleaned that out with the throttle body cleaner and it continued to run fine for about a day.

After that, and this is where I need some advice, I would try and stop the car but the throttle would not go down for a few seconds while I was braking. So I would be at a stop and the car would be trying to lurch forward until the throttle eventually dropped down to idle RPMs. I took the Explorer to my cousin (who is a mechanic) to see if he could figure it out. He read a code for a new TPS and replaced it, but it did not fix the issue, though it did clear the code. He thinks that the computer is failing and needs to be replaced by the dealership, which would cost me around $1,000. I'm hoping there is a better option.

Does anybody have any advice for my situation? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Is the IAC a Motorcraft IAC????

No, it is a Duralast IAC. Is that an issue?

Well, here is my story. I have an 03 v8 limited awd. I replaced my iac with a duralast in florida, on my trip to ny my new iac took a crap. made toll booths real fun. Got to ny and went back to autozone, got another duralast iac, did not work right off the bat, even worse. Took it back and went to advanced and got a BWD iac, different acting but good enough to get me upstate ny. Once upstate it would not stay running unless I was 2 footing the pedals. Finally bit the bullet and brought it to the dealer. BTW on my trip to the dealer my overdrive light started flashing and check transmission came on in the message center. Now I am freaking out. Limped it to the dealer, told them my story, at this point the tranny is my only concern. After charging a ridiculous amount for diagnostics and parts, I find out, autoparts stores iacs are NOT compatible. They even look different internally. With the new motorcraft iac it has been a real pleasure to drive. The iac was so out of whack that it made the tranny throw codes because of all the jerking and Idle issues. MUST HAVE FORD IAC!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to figure out my Door Ajar nightmare. Hope this helps.

Oh yeah, and the whole time there were no codes. Except the bogus tranny codes

Wow, that is crazy! Who knew having an aftermarket IAC would cause that much of an issue? I guess I should have known after going through this same sort of situation when replacing the blend door actuator with the aftermarket part...

Thanks for sharing your story though, that is really helpful. I ordered a new Motorcraft IAC from Amazon for about $70. It will arrive on Friday and I will install it then. I will re-post in here with the results of that, but hopefully my results will be like yours and be smooth sailing! Much better than a $1000 new computer.

I hope your door ajar situation can be figured out soon, I haven't had that happen yet in my Ex, so I wouldn't have any advice for you on that unfortunately.

Thanks for following up with the solution. Will be a huge help to anyone with similar issues.

Good Luck and please keep us posted. BTW, Figured out the door ajar situation. Finally almost have all the small bugs figured out.

Hey all,

I got the part on Friday and installed it then. It completely resolved my issue. She runs like it's 2002 again!

For anyone with these similar symptoms though, listen to 94eb4x4 and do not get an aftermarket IAC.

I'm glad you figured out the door ajar situation. That'd be really annoying. On to the next battle! :)

That's awesome Mamba42. Glad I could help. Yup, these Explorers do have their issues especially as they get older and higher mileage. Thanks to forums like Serious Explorations owners like us can discuss these problems and make headway. I have learned a lot from this forum.