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Throwing every code


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April 1, 2024
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New York, New York
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2020 Explorer XLT
So my wife’s car is throwing every code again. Hill assist not available, crash assist not available, select trac not working etc.

Last time it was the speed sensor this time it looks like something to do with ABS?

I attached a print out of the code reader at auto zone. Has anyone else had this problem?

Something I am noticing is the revs will drop for no reason every once in a while when I drive or. Other than that it’s just the codes.


Welcome to the Forum. :wave:
I don't know how much you have looked into the initial code, but here is what I found.
Just curious as to why the mileage is shown in KM when it appears you are in the U.S. I guess a VPN could explain that.
Hopefully, someone with actual experience with those codes will jump in.
Good luck


A guess that I have and this is just a guess is a bad wiring harness. After 2 weeks of my 2.3l base model sitting at a dealership the "main wiring harness" was replaced which fixed an airbag light issue and the occasional PCM reset causing RPM drop and rebound to cold idle shortly after starting.

For the same error messages this time they ordered two half-shaft disconnects for the front axles. It is NOT a sensor this time. Last summer they replaced the half-shaft speed sensor. I also had both front CV axles replaced last year due to leaking grease from the boot. The advisor said it should be under powertrain warranty just like the above mentioned parts replacements last year. I'm at 49K miles. and just over 4 years. They also provided a free loaner car.