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thule M.O.A.B. roof basket is in!


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March 23, 2011
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Bay Area CA
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03 sport trac XLT
i spent the week in portland and came back on friday just in time to see my thule order arrive. i ordered a whole lot more than the roof basket, i actually ordered enough to outfit not just my trac, but our jeep and my sisters volvo s-40. here's some pics of my new basket:




here's a pic of my trac with a haircut right before the new basket went on

here are afew close ups




i have to go back to oregon again on monday so i havent had a chance to use it yet, but ill be camping on memorial day as soon as i get back. ill do a little review on it after that trip.

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nice look!!!
except that wind shield seems pointless you need to double its size just to reach the roof line

That looks sweet!!

Looks really nice man. Just a suggestion for better airflow you should move the rack back about six inches towards the rear more.

Very Nice, I like it. BTW What happened to the other roof basket?


thanks fellas. the wind farring is pretty shallow. i took it on the freeway and it does whisyle a bit so im going to move the basket back like rebel mentioned next weekend. i have to fly to portland again tomorrow morning but ill be back on friday. im going to figure out what im going to do with the old basket when i get back. my first choice is to offer it to my sister, if she doesnt want it i was going to sell it to a fellow member for cheap. scope has first crack, and i think pjibs was second.

Well if scope or pjibs decide they do not want it Let me know. I may jump at it if the price is right.

yup, i was going to sell it to a fellow ef member for 120 shipped if i can get the shipping under 40 bucks. ill let you guys know this weekend.