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Thumbs up for this '03 Explorer V8!


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May 29, 2009
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New Jersey
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2015 Limited
I gotta say... my '03 Explorer V8 really impressed me this past weekend into the early part of this week. I say that because I drove it from New Jersey to Illinois and back with no issues at all on a 97K mile motor. I set the cruise control at 70mph and it just cruised straight through for 14 hours each way (about 1,700 miles total). I averaged approx 420-440 miles for each gas fill-up and averaged 19 miles per gallon. Not bad for a motor that needs a tune-up. I believe that's what the window sticker reads when it was brand new.

Some may think I'm a little crazy for taking a 9 year old truck with almost 100K miles across the country, but I had total confidence that I'd be fine. And I was. Just wanted to share some props for Ford trucks. Grant it, I do have the typical issues (humming rear gear, clicking rear e-brakes and rattling torque converter). But it still runs strong even with all those issues. LOL :salute:

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Nice! Glad to hear your truck is treating you well.

Although 100k miles is nothing to me...both of my vehicles have over 200k and I would drive across the country in either if them, perhaps unwisely haha

Excellent ! I think all of us explorer owners have those issues. But sometimes its good to just forget about that turn up the tunes and let her be haha

Bah- at 97k, she's barely broken in- cruise on! :thumbsup:

My 2000 Expedition has 150k on it and I wouldn't hesitate to take it cross country. It's all about maintenance & hows it's been cared for. Heck I drove my old Ford Bronco II with 160k from Las Vegas to Illinois & back again. Not a single issue.

If maintenance is kept up on your 4.6 liter engine can go well over 200k.