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ticking in engine bay....still searching...


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March 30, 2010
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duncan, oklahoma
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2002 Eddie Bauer
hey there, first off i have searched forums for about 2 weeks with alot of help, but i still can not find the problem...

2002 4.6 sohc engine with 110xxx miles on it....started it at noon and ran great, started it at 6pm and have a ticking, clattering sound...cold, warm, hot, and at all rpms...

replaced the timing tensioners, and all the guides, did not mess with chains or gears, except for the trigger gear, it was chewed up so replaced it...

still have the same ticking noise....pulled drivers side cover off, started it and watched the oil run thru the adjusters and onto the cam as it was spinning, looks good to me, so shouldnt be plugged and starving for oil...took all adjusters (lifters) out of the head and replaced, still same ticking noise....

i am at a complete loss here, oh and i even unplugged drivers side injectors one at a time and nothing......

any help would be greatly appreciated at this time!!!!