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Tilt wheel causes turn signals/hazards to stop working, help!


February 15, 2000
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this just started today in my 2000 Sport. If I have the wheel all the way up, the turn signals and hazards work ok. If I tilt it even 1 or 2 notches down, they stop working.

has anyone seen this before? I am guessing there is a short or a wire in the tilt column that is causing this, but not sure where to start.

any help would be appreciated!!



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The wiring harness in the coloumn has been pinched and is shorting out. You will need to pull the plastic covers off and see if it is possible to repair the harness.

I figured something is shorting out. I use the tilt all the time, so it gets alot of use.

I am wondering how common it is, and is there a specific area to look for the short. does anyone who where I can find an exploded diagram of the steering column?

I have never had the problem with my 2000 Sport, but 99% of the time the tilt stays put.
I am pretty sure I have not heard of any one else here having that symptom. I could very well be wrong.

It should not be too dificult once you get the trim pieces off. There is not a great deal of wires going through there. Be careful though !!!! Your air bag wires are in there too !!!!!

I hear ya. I looked around and didn't see anyone else with the problem. I use the tilt all the time, I must have cause a problem from all the action.

it wouldn't be a big deal taking it apart besides being 26 degrees outside with snow... hehe

I am hoping to find an exploded view so I can see what's what before I open it up.


yah be very very careful with the wires in there if u short the air bag ones it could deploy probably killing u since ur face would be so close just be careful...very careful i dont think there is any way to dissable the air bag while u work on that

This has happened to my '99 XLT. It turned out the the wiring harness that plugs into the steering wheel(located under the plastic cover next to the hazard light button) had wiggled it's way out of the socket and wasn't making a full connection, causing the turn signal and hazards to stop working.

The clips on the wiring harness that hold on to a bump on the socket keeping the two together, had broken off. When I would the tilt the steering colum the wiring harness would wiggle out of the socket.


I took it apart today and it turned out to be exactly how you described it. The harness clip broke, and it wasn't making contact when tilted down.

I use a wire tie to strap it down nice and tight, and it's like new again. it took about 20 minutes to fix.


Your welcome

Another happy customer :D

The gang at Explorerforum solve another problem.

In less than 24 hours too !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya gotta love this place !!!

Have a 98 Mountaineer with the exact same problem as OP. Will try to take the shroud off tonight and see if a broken clip is my problem as well. Any pics of where/how you placed the zip ties?