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Time for New Rotors..


December 10, 2012
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
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2010 SportTrac Adrenaline
So I finally have the dreaded Motorcraft warped rotors...after 39k miles.

2010 STA 4.6L with 22" Rims...

Want to upgrade the Brakes but not go crazy, any suggestions on the best rotors and pad combo? Not changing the Calipers just yet, plan on getting some powder coated Calipers off BrakePerformace.com soon though. Don't want drilled, maybe slotted though. Just need something that will stop strong, as we all know the stock ones suck so I don't want to waste money on a set of new OEM Rotors.

Any tried & tested suggestions would be appreciated, as I need to take care of this in the next couple days.

Thanks Much

If you don't want cross drilled, you can get dimpled and slotted rotors. Have you checked Summit Racing?

How much heavier are your 22's over your stock 20's? Is your brake fluid stock?

My ST braked OK, wasn't bad but also not very impressive. I chalked it up to the fact its a V8 truck that weighs nearly 5,000 pounds, not a Mustang GT. Replaced all rotors & pads and braking felt pretty much the same, minimal improvement. Disappointed I flushed all 4 corners, bleeding until all new clear fluid came out. Not sure if the old stuff was burned, had water or bubbles in it, but braking is way better.

Replaced rotors with Centric? solid discs (OEM quality) and the pads are upgraded ceramic AKEBONO, all from RockAuto. Have 18 inch wheels on mine, I'd like 20 - 22's but braking would surely suffer, the whole unsprung weight & rotating mass thing.