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Timing Chain Guide and Tensioner on an 08 4.6 3V - When to do ?


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June 4, 2001
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08 Eddie V8, 02 Ltd V8
I just finished the Guide\Chain\Tensioners on my 2002 4.6 2V Explorer last night.... It had 193,000 km on it... and the drivers side chain had eaten thru the guide - all the way back into the tensioner piston.

Now my other Explorer is sitting in the driveway looking at me... it is a 2008 4.6 3V with 197,000 km on it.....engine has never made a noise and truck is like new.....

When should the Guides\Tensioners\Chain be done on the 2008?

- is it any better than 2002 2V 4.6 ?

Did they improve the Timing Chain Guides any.... or is it worse ? My early model year 2002 had iron body tensioners, but I think they were to plastic body tensioners in Oct. 2002....

Phasers - Not a noise.... does this mean I am good...? Don't know this issue very well.

Comments ?

PS: What kit should I use - Cloyes or Sealed Power ? Which is the right Sealed Power kit number ?

Which is the better quality kit ?

I opened up the timing on my 06 at 200k miles since I thought I had bad phasers. The guides are still plastic, but in my case all were intact, and the chains were still good.

The only problem was the tensioners, soft and leaking.

I would stick with OEM Motorcraft parts.

Old tensioner, see the slack.


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