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April 27, 2014
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98 ford explorer
Hello, i have a 98 Ford explorer SOHC V6 and the driver side tensioner broke, as i found the plastic pieces in my oil pan when replacing the gasket. I was wondering if there is a way for me to replace the guide without pulling the engine? Any instructions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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May 26, 2009
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Greenville, SC
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00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8
no need to pull the engine

It is not necessary to pull the engine to replace the driver side cassette guide. Some models allow removal of the guide without removing the jackshaft front sprocket. The sprocket was changed in later years and the cassette guide lower bolt can't be removed without removing the jackshaft sprocket. When the jackshaft front sprocket retaining bolt is loosened the relationship of the jackshaft to the crankshaft is lost and both camshafts must be retimed. It is no longer possible to puchase just the cassette guide. The entire cassette (guide, sprockets & chain) must be purchased. In order to replace the chain the jackshaft front sprocket must be removed. Ford recommends replacing the sprockets when replacing the chain and vice versa because wear patterns develop on both items. I suggest inspecting the rear cassette guide as soon as you remove the upper intake manifold. If it is broken then just pull the engine to replace both front and rear. There are several timing chain related threads in My Helpful Threads. The following one may be the best starting point: SOHC V6 Timing Chain Inspection & Repair Make sure you understand the process before beginning. I suggest setting your crankshaft to TDC with cylinder 1 on the compression stroke before loosening any sprocket retaining bolts.