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timing chain rattle question


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August 25, 2008
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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2004 Sport Trac
what is the difference between the 2001-02 sport trac 4.0 engine and the 2004 engine in the timing chain mechanisim?
why the 2004 not have this rattle problem?
I know that the repair is very expensive and only occur in the 2001 - 2002 sport trac, I don't know the 2003

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the 04 does have this problem, i have a 04 and my chain rattles

i dunno about the 04 but i know my 01 sport trac has the rattle & it just ticks me off ,,,,,monday i start takin it apart & fixing & replacing the chain

my 04 has it and it annoys me so bad when driving down the road at about 2000 rpms to 3000 rpms all it does is rattle

mine actually only rattles when i first start it up ,,& i really cant hear it unless im in between 2 cars or at an atm or my garage ,,but like you said its annoying ,,very annoying ,,thats why i'm gonna redo the timing gears & tensioners & the whole works 118k on my motor ,,bought it used had it 2 yrs so far ,with know problems ,,ive just come to the breaking point ,,,i hate the rattle

my truck started doing at 40k miles, i thought there was a recall on it? if not there should be because its not our fault the thing is rattling

The main chain tensioner on the 4.0 has less force than the revised tensioner. Plus the plastic tensioners can wear and induce the rattle. Also the noise can come from the rear chain. What it really boils down to is an engine with too many chains will make noise.

mine apparently was shot,,,i'm supposed to get mine back today from the shop ,,i had an extended warranty & when i get mine back it will a remanned engine in it with a 3 yr 100,000 mile warranty ;),,,,thank god for wrranty companies that do what they say they will!!!!!!!!!

well i got my truck back today from the shop ,,,,its like a new truck the engine that was repplaced because of the timing change apparently was shot!!!! the new engine runs great!,,the shope evn replaced most of my old parts that was supposed to be swapped between the 2 engines with new parts ,,,water pump ,,tune up .....the total price was 0.00..thank god for extended warranties !!!!!!!truck has alot more get up & go .....whats that saying ,,,"built ford tough"!!!!!!!!!!!!