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timing chains procedure?


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December 15, 2010
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'02 XLS
Hey everyone,

New to the site, which is awesome by the way, I couldn't have diagnosed my problem without it. Timing chain guides seem to have gone away so I am pulling the motor tomorrow hopefully, ordered the otc 6488 kit. I've seen very good procedures for main timing chain and cam chain tensioners is there one for changing both timing chain cassettes using the otc 6488? I'm taking my time and only want to do it once if I can help it. Thanks for any help


thanks street rod, couple of questions please

Thanks Street Rod thats exactly what I was looking for. I'm still learning how to navigate this site you saved me a lot of time.

I am still confused on a couple of points after reading the procedure though.
After the crank and cams are locked with the otc 6488 tools can you the remove the sprockets, chain guide etc on the cams and replace them with the tools still attached? And do you know why the online parts sources don't recognise the part numbers listed in the procedure?

It may sound corny but I think sites like these are the internet at it's best, many thanks to those who participate here and help out us shade tree guys keep our rides on the road. I know I'm not the only guy out there that can't buy another vehicle or afford a mechanic to do it for me.

Thanks Andy


I try to keep the timing chain related PNs current but haven't checked them in the last month. The PNs are Ford PNs. Try Tasca or Tousley online and they should be either current or superceded by a later number.

The OTC-6488 timing tool set only has enough pieces to perform one camshaft alignment at a time.