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Timing issue?? Not sure...


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February 5, 2018
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'94 Explorer XLT 4dr 4x4
One day while going down the road, my 94 ford explorer 4.0 died. It started right up again, and ran fine for a while until sputtering and choking out at speed. Now you can't go any faster than a creep, otherwise it bogs down and even with full throttle it doesn't do much.

I replaced the coil, plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, and the entire egr system, as well as going over the vacuum system with a fine tooth comb(and fixed a few leaks)... nothing.
Its got proper fuel pressure (30psi).

At idle, it's a slight bit luggy(only noticeable by watching the engine rock slightly, not even visible on the tach), but runs fine if throttled up without a load. If you put it in gear and wait a second, it bogs down and lugs a lot. Going down the road, it does fine until warm, but when it is warm, it bogs down and even with full throttle it doesn't do much past 2k rpm. Once it didn't even come out of first gear

Like i said, idle looks normal, but... if you walk around to the tailpipe (stock exaust) there is a popping/whooshing sound that is fairly regular.

Anybody got any ideas? Please help, I'm stumped.:confused2::confused2:

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pull the codes

I would, but there is no check engine light.

Besides, I cant get it to orielleys to get codes read anyway...

Pulled the cats off today... no difference.:dunno:

Anything else?