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Timing the 4.6 lite 3 valve - timing work.


June 21, 2014
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Richmond, VA
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2006 Ford Explorer
Does anyone know where I can get detail instruction on replacing camshaft phasers & timing guides and tensioners? Dealership quoted me $4,000 for the work. Going to try on my own.

I did that a while ago, see some pictures of it:


Parts cost me about $ 700, all Motorcraft, no junk allowed when you do that :)
Compare to 4.0 v6 timing, this is baby stuff.
The lower double sprocket has a mark, both phasers have L and R as a mark, and both chains have one dark link (sometimes 2 links are colored next to each other) to help the setup. It's hard to mis-time it.
Just take your time, I did it with a friend of mine, took us about 6 hrs. Once you install the tensioners, crank the engine before you put the front cover back, so you can see that you pre loaded them with oil and eliminated the initial slack in the chains and see that they did not jump.

I used the Ford shop manuals.

PS: One of the pictures clearly shows the black marks on the chains and L and R marks on the phasers. Did not realize that I captured that so nicely :)

also check out FordTechMakuloco u tube channel
he has a very detailed 4 part series on this process and some other vids where he just changes out the phasers

here is the link for Part 1

good luck and let us know how it goes! someday I may have to do the same...
but I sure hope not....