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Tim's '93 Sport

1993 Ford Explorer Sport


VW 1.9l BEW TDI, stage 4 Malone tune, Garret VNT17 Turbo
TD Conversions trans adapter
M5OD from 1998 Explorer (Replaced original A4LD)
Stock Borg Warner 1354E

Front Suspension
Dana 35 TTB 3.73
Warn 37780 Dana 35 hubs
James Duff 3” long arm lift
Progressive coils
Dual shocks
BrianBuilt Fab diff guard
James Duff steering stabilizer
1993 Chevy K1500 brake lines

Rear Suspension
Ford 8.8 3.73 limited slip
Alcan Spring 3” lift leaf springs
1970’s Jeep J10 brake line

Wheel and Tires
Cragar Soft 8 16x7, 4in backspace with second gen center caps
285/75R16 Goodyear Duratracs

3D printed ash tray switch panel
Autometer A-Pillar gauge pod with Autometer boost and EGT gauges
Pioneer headunit
Pioneer 4 way speakers
Pioneer 10in sub hidden in place of factory storage pocket in trunk
Pioneer amp

Custom swing out tire carrier using stock rear bumper
Clear cut headlights with better bulbs
BrianBuilt Fab cowl light brackets with KC Rally 400 spots
KC 26 series amber fogs mounted behind front grille
Five foot FireStik for CB
91-92 Sport fender trim
First gen Expedition tow hooks

Other Modifications
1994 Jeep ZJ steering shaft
Custom auxiliary/upfitter circuits
A/C delete

Future Modifications
4.56 gears with lockers
Atlas II
Built in sliders (rocker panels are rusty)
Hidden winch behind factory front bumper
Limit straps and bump stops
Skid plates
1-2 more inches of lift






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Yep, I saw you guys got a new one! It looks absolutely massive! From what I can tell, Nick did a really good paint job with rattle cans. Can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

Coil pack and wires will be here Monday. So hopefully I'll get them installed either Monday or Tuesday and report back with my initial thoughts. I'm hoping it resolves some of the small issues I'm seeing with rough running.

Then Wednesday I get to go in for, what is best described as, an emergency procedure. I have too much scar tissue build up in my knee and I'm actually starting to lose my range of motion. So they have to get rid of the scar tissue and manipulate my knee as well. Luckily this procedure won't be much of a set back so I should be walking around better almost immediately.

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Good to hear that wont be much of a set back at least, still not something I would be looking forward to however!!

First isssue to fix on the new one is changing to manual hubs. Auto hubs just didnt cut it on the trail with 35's. It is pretty massive!! 8" of total lift and 35's, gonna take me a while to get used to the new capability!! I'll start another thread on that rig here soon.

So initial thoughts of the new coil pack, wires, and plugs. WOW!! This things has been down on power for a while. More power off the line and climbing hills. Also fires up quicker, runs much smoother, and has better throttle response. So far I'm pretty happy with the new parts.

Also put in a new temp sensor for the ECU to hopefully fix a warm start issue I was having on hot days. Have to wait for a hot day to see if it will start when the engine is warm. But I hope between new ignition parts and a new temp sensor the issue should go away.

Small project that I did yesterday: added a secondary water temperature gauge and a transmission temperature gauge, both housed in my center console. Used Autometer Z Series gauges. Used a heater hose adapter for the water temperature so that I could keep the factory gauge as well. I put the sender for the transmission temperature in the pressure port on the side of the transmission. Everything works perfectly. Best of all, the gauges illuminate in green so they match the factory gauges very nicely.

Bit of a facelift for the Ex. New clear cut headlights. I'm also running new 4200k bulbs so the light output is much better and more clear. Just need to find some new bulbs for my grille lights so that way the bulb color matches.

Did you reinforce the bumper? I like how it looks. Giving me ideas for my tire carrier.

Yep! I used a 5' piece of 2"x3" rectangle tube (3/16" wall) and welded the factory brackets to it. Had to trim the frame and the factory brackets some for it to all line up like it did stock. I'll grab a few pics of it when I pull it all apart for paint

Didn't get quite as much done on the tire carrier today as I wanted to. My buddies came over and we were messing around with their vehicles. My buddy that had the 1989 S15 Jimmy now has a 1978 Bronco with 6" of lift and 35's. We measured for sliders and came up with ideas of how we want to build them. I'll end up fabricating those for him. And my other buddy with the Jeep was over. We installed a new CB in his Jeep which involved me fabbing up a bracket for the CB to mount above the windshield.

But still got some stuff done. Still need to plate all the joints, grind it down smooth, prep the surface, and paint. Should be able to get that done tomorrow if I don't get distracted with other stuff.

And I still need to get a 31" spare to match...

Here's a few pics of the bar that I put inside the bumper before it got painted

I was making pretty good progress then it started raining. Hopefully the storm will pass soon here and I can get back to work. Only have three more joints to plate, surface prep, and paint and I'll be done

That looks awesome. I like how you kept it as much stock as possible. I will be working on getting a hidden winch when I get one for my EX. I am gonna use this design for my Explorer. looks great.

Thanks man!

It's funny you mention a hidden winch, because I've been working on designing a way to hide a winch behind the stock bumper up front. It's a bit more tricky than the tire carrier though

Speaking of which, just finished up the carrier about an hour ago

Got to do a nigh run last night to Rainbow Falls/Little Moab with the 4x4 Club my buddies and myself started. It was our inaugural run. But even more importantly my first major run with the lift. All I can say is, WOW!! I'm extremely happy with the way the suspension is set up. The Ex performs exceptional off-road. Can't wait to get gears and lockers done and eventually bigger tires, then this thing will be even better.

Was awfully bummed we didn't make it over there. We made a run at Baldy, but didn't make the top......that night anyway, did a few nights ago, awesome view up there!! But we didnt even get home till 330AM that night!!

Of course, now our last rig that didn't have any issues preventing it from getting in the dirt, now needs ball joints.......bad. I hate repairs!! We'll catch up with you one of these damn times......

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Added a new transmission cooler today. The stock one just wasn't cutting it anymore, and it had a small leak. New cooler is a tube and fin style with an auxiliary fan. And the cooler it's self is almost twice as big as the stock one.

Didn't do anything fancy with the fan. Just wired it to a switch so that I can control it myself.