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Tinted Headlights: Thoughts? Advice?

Hi All,

I have a 2006 all black Limited that I would like to "update" a bit since this is still my daily driver. I'm pondering some various tweaks here and there and am curious about tinting my headlights - just a bit. I love the look of some of Ford's new "sports appearance packages" and would like to get that subtle tint on the headlights:

My question is how do I achieve this tint on an older model while making it still appear "stock"? I've seen some places that will use tint and others that will spray, but I'm concerned with how dark each will appear. I'm not overly concerned about being able to restore to stock so long as the result is similar to the new sport packages. That said, I've also seen some folks use that reusable duplicolor or whatever it is on the inside of their headlights.

Any input - and pics - would be greatly appreciated!


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Best bet would be a tint film. The lighter ones aren’t dark at all, and just take away the crystal look. Amazon for under $10.

Tinting your headlights will decrease the performance of your viability at night. not sure about you, but I like to be able to see everything. If anything, you should be looking to improve your visibility, not decrease it. Sure darker headlights look better, but that isn't going to help you see that child playing in the road at night.

I wish Darwinism was allowed to take its course. The film isn’t really darkening. The lighter stuff can barely be seen. Coupled with brighter lights, it’d be fine.

Thank you! I've seen a couple of YouTube videos of folks apply these. I'm a little hesitant about doing it myself, but can get over that since I was going to change my grill for the Eddie Bauer and would take the lights out then. But any recommendations on tint? Specifically, I'm worried about the car looking "too dark/modified" when the lights aren't on. My end game is for it to look like a true OEM package, (obviously one not offered at that time but...)

I have a can sitting on my shelf at the house. Just picked it up out of curiosity. It's not dark what so ever. Would take 7 or 8 coats just to appear dark. I ended up using it to "tint" the clock in our room because it was like a freakin night light.

If you do use it just beware its not at thick as spray paint. It's like food coloring in alcohol. It runs like nobodies business.

Ill take a picture when I get home in an hour or so.

That’s a piece of clear lens patch. That’s 7 costs. In the sun next to my Ex and on my Volvo for comparison.

Put it this way my whole front end of my Ex is spray painted and there’s no way I would use this on it lol






Thank you very much for the photos! I really appreciate it! It does look a little too dark...at first :) Next to your Volvo, especially further out, that's mighty tempting. And at 7 coats...? My only concern is the LEDs. I picked up a pair of HD lights, but your Volvo's LEDs are sharp and let themselves perfectly to a tint. This might be a fun project after all. Worst case, I have to pick up some new lights from a scrap yard or something.

Thanks again!!!

My concern wouldn’t be the darkness or transparency. You can make it as light or dark as you want and I think it lets plenty of light through. It’s getting it on there and making it look good. This stuff is difficult to work with.

I say 7 coats, but I sprayed it on so thin to keep it from running I don’t know if you would exactly call it that.

I got it because I was going to try and cover that dingy yellowed headlight look, that’s why I went for darker. All the headlight repair kits and that’s about as good as it gets. It makes it look even worse with new parking/running/turn signals.

Check out Lamin-X. It is available in various colors.

This is the light black film available on Amazon. It looks fairly dark, unless there are lights behind it

Consider buying used OEM, or aftermarket, black units?



Does that year come with projectors? If it does, the best way is to open up the headlight assembly and paint the inside black. Except for the projector lens of course. But those already have a dark look to them so it’ll match the new paint. Only problem is if it has reflector bowl high beams, because you wouldn’t want to paint that part.

Nevermind, I just saw that it’s an 06 so no factory projectors, and this post is from 2018 lol.