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Tip for Replacing Body Panels

Hopefully this can help someone, I learned this just recently after being hit in my explorer.

So anyway, I found out that between 95, 96, and 97, the paint and pinstripes on explorers change from car to car, between two 96's the Eddie Bauer pinstripe was about a half inch off from the other car (replacing doors and fenders). Also, with the same vehicles the gold paint at the bottom of the doors was almost a full inch off. After that, switching a part from a 95 to a 96, the gold paint was off but the pinstripes were close, I also noticed the door fitting the car it was on (not damaged), it looked bent on two others (one not damaged and one was damaged but not in that area). Even after lining the bolts up and adjusting the height, which I did for all of the parts I swapped around. I also tested this on a 97 and it was the same thing. I would guess this is also an issue for other years but this is all I checked. Hopefully this can help someone out. I just gave up and I am having the whole car painted.

TL;DR, Just because a body piece looks the same, doesn't mean its paint, trim, and pinstripes will line up. If you have none of that, then lucky you.