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tip of the day on mud

mcgyver ky

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March 25, 2003
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ky where all the mud is
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91ford exporer eddiebauer
if you find your self spinning and slipping when mudding here is a tip let some air out of your tires the tires will grip and come out of mud holes better

why you ask the tire will cover more area with less air in them and release the mud from the treads better

you comments are welcome

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yeah but ya should have let the air out b4 going 4x4ing same with driving on sand 15 ta 20 any less and ya run the risk of the tyres coming off the rims if ya get really stuck in the mud throw rocks sticks any thing under the wheels then back and forth also dont drive through rivers that come up to more than the wheel hubs

What's the reason behind the river crossing?

Originally posted by tenikiwon
What's the reason behind the river crossing?
Water can break down the grease in the hubs and wheel bearings as well as get in the diffs, if the breather lines aren't lengthened

oh, ok

water over the hubs!? pfft never stopped me! :) Ive had mud and water up over the hubs many times but i do have extended breathers and my hubs are sealed. Crossing water and mud over your hubs isnt bad you just need to check the bearings after going through mud or water that deep.

yeah, ive had water above my floorboards, im pretty sure that thats well above my hubs. there still both blown, so im not too woried about it. ;)