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Tips on A/C removal?


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March 15, 2008
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93 XLT
Is there a walk through or anything like that on how to remove the a/c components? i know ill need the option b belt (no a/c equipped belt) also know i need to take it to a garage that will bleed the system out for me, i dont wanna be another reason on why the ozone layer is crap i want the room and it always looks nicer with more room... plus easier to work around... just dont know where to start.. tips and right direction please, thanks! :p:

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You can leave the evaporator in its housing as its next to the heater core unless you are also going to replace that housing with a none AC one. It will not be in the way of any thing being left there any more then the housing it’s self.

now if I was doing this I would start with the compressor ,then lines ,dryer / accumulator, and last would be the condenser in front of the radiator as no need to leave it there blocking air from the radiator . You could also move your oil cooler(s) closer to the radiator to take advantage of the full fan power also once the condenser is removed. All of it is really not that hard just a bit tight and time and it should all come out easy.

ill prob havta break out the haynes manual because i dont know what any of it is, names on parts to me is like telling a 5 yr old how to do calculus, it doesnt fly, im a learn by seeing, i seen that my diagram shows me the one part where the belt is, i figured i might be able to start there and anything attached to it start taking off... anyone by any chance have a picture of what the parts are that need to come out?

What I removed.


Non ac heater box in place.


guessing ill havta junk yard the non ac heater box? i cant seem to find it on eBay or part store, unless heater box isnt technical term?

im guessing the heater box is the big round thing (when ac installed) wrapped in silver? thats what ill replace with the non ac heater box? i know the round to the far left of your pic is the heater blower.

then yeah from your picture its ALOT rommier! just gotta save up a couple bucks for the belt, how long roughly did it take you to take all the ac stuff out?

thanks! it looks tons better without, i just dont see a point of having it when it hasnt worked in years and shops want to rape you sideways to recharge these old systems. i told the wife i was gonna do it and she told me no! lol still going to.. only reason she told me no, is this

Wife: "What happened to if it aint broke dont fix it?! Also every time you go to do something to that damn thing you find something wrong somewhere else, like you just did with the wires!"

oh yeah and you can sooooo come paint my motor :p looks nice!

hey jd i saw you had headers.. are they pacesetter? also did they seal up pretty good? header wrap, did you soak it, wrap it then spray it with silicone? i gotta redo my whole exhaust this summer and its only like 50 more to do headers so trying to get some info

Answered in your other thread

they sell non-ac belts. i dont know the part number, but autozone looked up 4x4 1991 explorer non-ac and it came up. i got the dayco belt, comes with 3 year warrenty

edit: i still have the box in the garage somewhere. ill find it and post the part number. just to make 100% incase you dont find one on the website

edit #2: i was looking for the goodyear gatorback when i went in and autozone said they pulled them out(not autozones doing), a couple years back and then dayco came in. if i remember what they told me correctly, dayco is goodyear? plus the 3yr warrenty. even the duracrap and valuefail brand only have a 1yr warrenty

i shouldnt speak on valuefail tho... my battery is one..... :/ lasted a year so far anyway lol

^^^^what he said!

i think you have a coolant leak :D :p
i think it melted your alternator and belt :p

and the 'open engine block' exhaust combined with no maf sensor i sure bet made a nice sound with flames included! lol
0.02mpg tho right?

Hahaha yep but look at all that room!!i can see and touch my rear plugs!!

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