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Tire advice

I need to get a new set of tires but i have a couple issues. First off i like my Bridgstone Dueller AT revos that are on there now in a 30x9.5 r15 but I can get a deal on a set of michelins or bfg tires so i really need to get one of those two to replace them. I dont really do any offroading but i will occasionally be going in sand and mud. Snow is a possable too because i am near the mountains. Ive had a set of the BFG AT KO in the same size and really liked those but could do without the noise sometimes. I know they arent loud butit would be nice to not have it. So i dont really want to get the BFG AT's again for that reason only and have had my eye on the Michelin LTX M/S and the LTX A/T but i havent ever seen the at's. Im just wondering if that is a good tire in rain, mud and snow. I read some reviews at the tirerack and it seems the AT's arnt that great in the offroad dept. Ive also read that the LTX M/S doesnt like to let go of the mud/snow in the tires.

I am also considering 31's but dont know if i want to deal with rubbing when the suspension moves with the wheels turned. I also dont want to throw up allot of dirt and rocks on the side of my explorer. The extra width and ground clearance would be nice though. I saw the post on the 31" pictures and i think the look great but do show some tread on the sides to throw debris up. I read one on post where it said MPG was better with the larger tire and another with worse MPG so whats the story? Oh and i have the 3.73 gears.

The ground clearance isnt nessisary for where and how i drive and i really just need some guidance. Id like a good performing tire that is quiet, rides good and can take some occasional light offroading. Thanks, Major

I had 31x10.5x15's on a 7" wide wheel with no rubbing what so ever. Also the tires fit inside fenders so worring about damage from rocks was not a problem either.

I have the Michelin LTX M/S, they're a great all-around tire. In my experience, they are one of, if not THE best, tire for rain, snow, and mud (but not the kind of mud that calls for mud tires, though I've NEVER had my X stuck, even in a mud pit with 50% tread on all tires). The sipes make it an awesome rain and snow tire, and the tread seems to do its job and prevent hydroplaning at all speeds, fling the mud and snow from the tread for good traction, and best of all, they last a looooong time, I keep mine on for 50,000 miles at a time, at which point they are about halfway worn. The LT treads are tough and will take all the abuse of a dedicated off-road tire. They ride nice, too. I haven't had a set of the Revos yet so I'm not sure how they compare, alot of people seem to like the Revos more in terms of performance, but from what I've read, the Revos generally have an average treadlife, where the LTX M/S lasts a much longer time. For about the same selling price, that seems to make the LTX M/S a better value for the money.

I wouldn't bother with 31's unless you're considering a small lift to go with them. You say the ground clearance isn't necessary, so why go with bigger tires? The larger diameter can give higher MPG on the highway since the engine RPMs will be lower at a given speed compared to a smaller diameter tire, but the heavier weight and the additional load on the engine will usually lead to lower MPG in everyday driving.

the ltx are cool.... i dont know what deal you are getting, but bfgs and michelins are damn expensive, hopefully the special deal your gettign offsets some of the outrageness price gouge of the michelin/bfgs