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tire cupping


June 17, 2009
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04 explorer 4.6
My left front tire is starting to cup on the outside edge. The tires only have 2000 miles on them. I had them balanced twice and a wheel alignment with no luck. What could be the problem? It has about 70k. Thanks

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Are they by any chance goodyears

Cupped or feathered? Some call it sawtoothed. Too much toe in could cause a problem on the outer edge. Also incorrect camber. I always mix the directions but I believe it's positive camber that leans the tires outward at the top. Either way. A noticeable uneven wear at 2000 miles? I'd take it back to the allignment shop to get them to fix it.

What is your air pressure?

I know if my Cooper's aren't over 35-36psi cold, they cup and sawtooth like mad. It's odd...

Are your shocks original? Sometimes a bad shock can cause cupping because the tire doesn't stay in contact with the road.

Can a bearing cause cupping. I do have the original shocks.

It could cause problems, but you'd likely know from the noise if it was that bad. Plus the allignment shop should have caught it.