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Tire rub WTF!!!


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November 23, 2010
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Greenville, SC
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2002 Eddie Bauer
Ever since i got my 285s im rubbing the "back sides" of the front fender wells and when im off road having it flexed out it rubs the back and the front and catcheson the rear a little too.... Details in sig.
This isnt a question just kind of a warning if your completly against trimming

Sorry to hear about the tire rub. Has it marred up your tires? i know one of my tires now has a deep grove/gouge all the way around on the outer lugs of the tire. From my experience with 285's off road (lots of rubbing everywhere), when they are on my truck, it's a mall crawler. the biggest tire i think the ex's should wheel with are 265's or even 255's, just my .02. Now when i wheel, i put my 245's mounted on my mustang rims back on the truck and leave the 285's at home.

are you going to end up cutting?

Yeah i went ahead and trimmed the fenders a little bit... no rubbing on the street anymore but im sure theyll still catch on something offroad.... not a big deal, not cutting into the tires or anything so Ill live. Probably gonna see the X soon for a diesel and have an old XJ for playin