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Tire Sensor Fault


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February 9, 2009
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2006 Explorer xlt
2006 XLT with brand new tires. After about 100 miles the tire sensor fault comes on. If you push the reset button for your odometer it goes off and stays off until you turn explorer off. Turn on and it comes back on. Is there a problem or is there any way to "reset" so it does not come on?

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Dave A's reply has me concerned. I just purchased a left over 08XLT. Are we able to rotate tires or will that cause the sensors to trigger the dash light?

I have rotated about every 3,000 miles for 30,000 miles and never had a sensor error. Had an error when a tire shop broke the band inside my tire and didn’t tell me. you can also but on ebay for about $50 a programmer that will work. I use when I switch on my snow tires.

This thread can give you a lot of info on the TPMS. There's some ford mechanics giving good info.


A site search for TPMS or tire sensor can help you find lots of good info.

I had different tires put on my 06 Ex before i took delivery this last summer. The dealership mechanic forgot to retrain for the new tire locations and later that day they went off. I took it back and they took care of it.

I have rotated mine three times and never had to do any reprogram or had any warnings. I also tested the system by letting one down to 25 psi. the warning came on within 2 blocks of driving. It went off within 5 blocks when I refilled.

I also recently purchased new tires...took a day then my tire sensor fault light came on...I took it back to whom did the tires...they have to do a "wireless" programming of it to get it back on...so he just rescanned it, and it works fine. I also did the test and it does work, so I would take it back where you got the tires and make sure they didn't bust it.

Oh and the reset is a turn key to on, then off, pump pedal 3 times, etc...