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tire size comparison

Hey quick newbie question, I've done a bunch of searching on these forums but I can't seem to find the answer to this question:

If I buy a tire that is 31x10.50R15, would that be the exact same tire as one that is 265/75/15?

Basically, I'm asking how does the different sized tires compare?

I know, and have used, tire calculators to change from standard to metric, but If a website or company sells a tire (like 31x10.5R15), would it be the same if you would get the 265/75/15?

If that makes sense...

Another quick question:
I noticed some tire sizes are (for example) L255/70/16 and some are P255/70/16. What's the difference!?

P=Passenger tire
L=Light Truck tire

Yes, your tires sizes are the same. Just make sure you run a matched set of 4. I mean don't run a 31/10.5/15 on the front and a 265/75/15 on the rear. If you look at a manufacture's web site it will give you the overall diameter and width. Just because it is a 31/10.5/15 the tire will be more like 30.78/10.48 and these messurement will change based on how wide the rim is.