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Tire size for 22s

Trac '04

February 18, 2011
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Pensacola, Fl
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2004 Ford Sport Trac
What size tires do ya'll recommend if I put 22s on my Sport Trac ?

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Here's a cool helper to decide and find the right tire/wheel fitment/combo. if your Trac is factory height you want to stay below or at a 31-32" O.D. tire.


Planning on lowering it this weekend. Just curious on what a good size would be .

im running 265/35s with mine and its 2wd with no issues at all. i want to lower it a few inches but havent got around to it

O sorry I didn't see this was in the 2001-2005 section so you can disregard what I said but instead of deleting it all I will keep it.

My 99 is lowered and I'm running 265 35 22's. I had to put wheel adaptors on them because of the different bolt pattern that's why they stick out a little bit, but I like them. I just had to trim the inside of the front bumper so they wouldn't rub. (The 20 symbol was because I had 20's and havent changed it yet.)