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Tire sizing on a non lifted explorer


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December 8, 2008
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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2004 4x4 XLT
I'm looking to tuck some good sized tires under the expo and keep er sitting low still, kind of a stadium style truck look... I don't offroad it much anymore its just a street queen and transportation and LIGHT towing only to motocross tracks and stuff.

What kinda sizes have you guys tucked under there with the stock height and what did you have to do to get em in there?

I'm thinking about some 32x10.5'sR18 BFG KM2's but thinking they MAY rub.

Let me know guys!

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31-32" tall

so if you want an 18, then 265/65/18 or something close.

265/75/16 = 31.5''

265/70/17 = 31.5''

largest stock tire size with out lift, and no rubbing...

Sweet! thanks fellas

Ima tuck some 32"s under it!

just FYI, they tow very well too!