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Tire & Wheel Input for 05 explorer *Updated*

Hi guys, I currently have the 17" OEM rims (245/65/17) on my 05 Explorer XLT W/Advance Track. I have a set of winter tires for the stock rims and now want to get another set for the rest of the year, my questions are

A) With Advance track will the larger rim / different tire size effect the system in any negative way?

B) Can I run on 255/50R20 tires without any modifications / rubbing ect...

My current planned setup is as followed:

These awesome tires:

These awesome wheels:

It looks like the tire size difference is about 1.69% and would throw off the odometer about 1mph which I really dont care about, I just would like some feedback and suggestions on how to go about this setup since this would be the first tire/wheel package I have ever bought for the X. Also the bolt pattern for my X is 5x114.3 which matches up with the wheels, I just want input on the wheel/tire setup to ensure I can buy and mount w.o any issues or modifications. Thank you!


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July 4, 2013
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05 Explorer XLT
BUMP please, Unless I am missing something Im pretty sure I posted within the guidelines and did some searching on the forums to find my answer before I opened a new thread. If there are any existing threads please link me to them.