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Tired Leaf Springs

How about limiting straps for the air bag pads, depending on how that pad is located/made? If they are only holding part of the load, then the loss of them from limiting their motion beyond a certain point, would not be abrupt or great. Play with the mounting pads design, brainstorm it some more.

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So did you end up getting airbags or new spring pack or....? My leafs are sagging badly now and I need to replace or come up with another idea.

I ran out of steam and or money on this one. Air bags are a no go due to very limited travel capabilities. As of now, I have the F150 leaf spring mod and shackles, its a little stiff, but what else can I do. :dunno: I have yet to find a "custom" spring place that will answer my email inquiries.

Carlover, I just found your post here- I believe the F150 leaf mod will get more height and thus be stiffer.

And a solution for my problem- 4" Superlift Springs are on the way. I waited and waited for a good deal, then finally found one.

This is so frustrating when I try for a alternative solution and can't find anything. Superlift springs aren't the end-all for my needs, but the best I can come up with after months of searching. I plan to to do a leaf spring install thread when I do the swap, I'll post it soon.

i didn't read through the whole 10 pages, i know this is an old thread, and i see you have gotten new springs, but have you considered chevy fullsize springs? i know the 63" ones (older 1500's, maybe late 80's to early 90's) are a somewhat popular swap for rangers and b2's. you have to do some fab work since they are an equal-length spring.

Superlift Springs Installed:



I figure they will settle in, I've heard they tend to break down with time. I plan to crank the torsion bars up a little in the morning to level it out.

Bars cranked a little bit:


I am very pleased with the whole thing now.

And some flex:



I wasn't lifting a tire yet, but I had to stop backing up because the ramp really wasn't steep enough, my tire was going to slip off the concrete wall.

These springs flex really well. :thumbsup:

I never even thought about using those- Ideally, if I had time and supplies, I'd outboard my springs and go SOA. For the time being, I'll run the superlift springs. Maybe later I'll do some custom fab work.

as far as the chevy springs, if you got room to mount the front spring perch about 6 inches forward, you can bolt them in. i would stick with SUA instead of going to SOA, less wheelhop with flexy springs.

your rig is looking real good :thumbsup: how do the springs ride?

i was just thinking, rangers are soa stock.. maybe if you go back over, you can try ranger springs or something to that effect.. just an idea.