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Tires/Off Roading... HELP!


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December 26, 2015
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2005 Sport Trac Adrenalin

I have a 2005 Adrenalin RWD with stock size tires (255/70/r16) (30") that I'm planning on replacing before August. I'm pretty set on bumping up a size and getting some 265/75/r16 (31")Goodyear Duratracs. However, I was told Goodyear only makes LT rated tires for the size/tire I'm looking for.

I was wondering if that's going to hurt my MPGs a lot by switching from a P rated tire to a larger LT rated one. I understand that Duratracs come in 265/70/r16 (30") which is a P rated tire however, I want to be able to eat up some of the wheel well space that I now have because I just did a slight TT (front is now even with rear).

If anybody out there has any experience with this size or tire, feel free to drop some knowledge!

Also, is anybody out there running Duratracs? or MT/R with Kevlar's? (These would be my second choice) If so, how do you like them?


P.S. Anybody know anything about light off roading with 4.10 Limited Slip axle? How brave can I be?

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You couldn't ask for a better factory setup than 4.10s with l/s. You could comfortably go bigger than a 31" with those gears.
If you want to do mild off-roading, you're really going to want LT tires. They are heavier (thicker) for a reason, and it's a good reason.
If there is a slight drop in mileage, that's the price you pay. Most tire websites will give you the weight of each tire in each size, maybe you can do some comparing and see how much heavier they would be, even in different brands of the same size.

if you want to go wheeling in a 2WD, getting a set of duratracs is a great start, but if you want to do anything more than driving through some dirt roads, i suggest you get a set of lockers installed in your rear diff. LS is good, but lockers will take a 2WD to a whole new level. as for MPG, any time you go outside of what the stock tire size is, your MPG will suffer, it's all about what you are willing to give up in efficiency to gain in capability.

Hey thanks for the replies! I guess I'm pretty set on the 265/75s for for the diff locker, I'd definitely consider it. However, I don't think they make a locker for the 4.10s? Or do they???:dunno: but I think that would be more of a long term goal. Truck only has 52k on the clock and I plan on slowly adding/tweaking it. Once again, thanks for the input guys, hope to hear back from you.

your ring/pinion ratio wont make a difference on whether you can run a locker or not. having an LS might depending on the brand of locker b/c LS diffs have a little clutch mechanism inside. just trust me on the locker recommendation, it makes a world of difference out on the trail, especially in 2WD.

I read your nice write up a while back (when I first got my truck) and did some further research, I found that the aussie locker isn't compatible with LSD and it's meant for an open diff. I wonder if most lunchbox style lockers are like that?If I could find one that for sure would fit in my diff, I'd strongly consider it. I just don't wanna bust open my pumpkin without a part I know will fit.

Like RangerX said, your 4.10s are great for the tire size you want. I have the same tire size (which is actually more like a 32" not 31") and my stock gears are 3.55s. I would like to regear since it's a bit of a pig now, but it works. I don't think I'm going to have it too much longer, anyway.

I'm going to guess that your definition of mild off-road is different from mine (picture below is the very easy side of mild), but it won't be a problem.

I don't believe that any lunchbox type locker will work with the factory L/S in place.

Best of luck! :thumbsup:


I have 265 75 16 Duratrac's on my 2013 Tacoma BAJA and they work great, you'll want to make sure you get the Load Range C tires and not D or E. Discount Tire Direct always has awesome deals on them, I bought mine for $172 each plus got a $100 rebate.

I had 33x12.50x15 Duratrac's on my 2003 Sport Trac before I did my SAS and moved up to 37x12.50x16.5

I wouldn't run a P metric tire on anything other than a car...

MPGs might suffer a little but remember your speedo will also be slightly off (slow) due to the tire size difference, which means your odometer will read lower miles than actually traveled (Affecting your calculation of miles/gallons filled).

A LS diff will be pretty good for most things you'll be able to get into. Lockers are amazing off road, but your on road manners will suffer slightly.