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Tires, what size?


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April 2, 2003
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Ok i have a 92 eddie 4x4, I wish to lower it 2 inches, but I don't like the look of the stock tires because they are too small. I wish to just kind of "fill" the wheel well with bigger tires, I also wish to get a wider looking stance from my tires
1) what is a good size tire to "Fill" the well
2) would they give me a wider looking stance

thanks for responding:redexp:

why would u wanna lower ur 4x4 man??? not raggin on ya, just askin! also, are you gonna take out the complete 4wheeldrive system when u lower it too? id suggest it just for the fact that itll be less weight, better gas mileage, and a little more room for those deadly speed bumps! tire size...... i wouldnt know where to go with that just for the fact that i dont know much about lowering, just raisin!

If you're lowering it you don't want to go taller than the stock 235/75/15 (about 29"). You could go a bit wider though.

Your stock rims are 15x7 with a 4.5" backspacing. If you got aftermarket rims that are both a bit wider and with something like a 3.75" backspacing that would put the tires out farther. The only thing with bringing the tires out farther and wanting to fill the wheelwell is that you'll have to worry about rubbing the top of the fender lip and maybe rubbing in the front when you turn.

Hey man, you can say what you want, but personally I love the first gen X lowered. I forgive you though. I also love first gen X's raised, but I don't really want that.
I don't plan on taking out my front differential because I live in Iowa, and I really really need 4x4. I plan to lower it only 2 inches all around because i do have 4x4 and i can't go any lower. thanks for the reply though.:redexp: