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TJM and Warn M8000 Installed


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June 11, 2001
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Indianapolis, IN
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73 EB
Here is a TJM for a 94 ranger on my 97 sploder with a warn M8000.


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Looks great Dave! I think I see my 7/16 socket in those rocks.

Fits great. Side wing things are too long cause my fenders are trimmed so this weekend I will trim them to match. The contour of the body line is perfect, the 94 ranger bumper mounted to the outside of the fram rails so I cut the ends off the frame and could have then sleeved and bolted them through my frame easily, but I chose to take the even easier rout and weld them to the frame. The bumper is still removable cause it bolts to the brackets. It only took me a couple hours last night to align it weld it bolt it and wire up the winch.

I got it off the TJM USA web site blem sale. saved a bit over $100 and all it has is a nick in the powdercoat on a corner and not even all the way down to the bare metal. Heck I'll tear it up worse than that in no time.

Do you think that would fit on a First Gen without a lot of modding?? Pretty much the same customization as what you had to do? Thanks

That looks SICK!

Is that TJM aluminum???

Nice job, hidden winch = functional BLINB BLING

Its steal. Functionality is what I go for. Don't need a shiny aluminum one.

As for the first gen, this one would look funny cause it is curved for my front clip but I believe they make one for a first gen sploder already. If not an early 90s ranger one would work.

Yes just looked under 1st gen Sploder it says see 89 - 92 Ranger.

Thanks for the compliments :thumbsup:

I was just curious because a friend of mine has the Aluminum unit oh his 93 Sploder.

I know what he went through to get it from TJM and I can tell you its the only Explorer in the US with the TJM front :)
It was like 18 months from the time he ordered it to the time he got it.

Now the aluminum one is tough as nails, dont think its weak just because its aluminum. :)

Nice bumper! IT LOOKS SICK!! Nice choice of product to finish up your already sick Explorer :)

Thanks. According to the info I saw the aluminum one requires a winch plate too. But I really didn't want a shiney bumper on my all black truck :)

Right plus its got the big round bars for the headlights and grill.... a little different from yours. Also keeping the aluminum brushed look apparently takes some work!

I too would have gone with steel like yours, but its not my truck! hahaha
I like my Duff bumpers....TOUGH as nails I keep proving it.

I dropped off a big as* rock a couple weeks ago, right smack on the front bumper and frame horns, probably a 2-3' drop, I was trying to climb a 4' ledge with a deep hole in front of it.

The bumper turned up and sheared off 3 of 4 bolts holding it to the frame :)
Its okay though I had some weak bolts in grade 8 going in.

that TJM should hold up great!!
its too bad the "other" bumper builders dont get wise and see that Explorer's and Rangers need tough bumpers too, not just JEEPS..........

is that the TJM T13, T15 or T17?

Reason i ask is cause TJM knoxville is having a blem sale and i might pick one like that up. Looks really nice.

TJM 17

Only its the steel black one. You may find (hard for me to say since my wheel wells have been trimmed) that the side pieces are too long. You could just trim them down or if you watch too much monster garage you could do like I did yesterday and cut 4" out of the center and weld them back up so that you have the original look... I'll get some pics of the sides when I get them back from the poweder coat shop.

yeah ill definitly cut the section from the middle if i get one... no sense in having that cut edge hanging out there... and hell ill get a good grade on it at the same time. :bounce:

I couldn't find the one for the early rangers.

Very nice.